Flowers in the Mountains of Rio de Janeiro State

The flowers in the mountains around here are amazing. My favorite was this date palm flower, which we at first thought was a beehive. It’s crawling with flies and about two feet long at least. Really weird looking.

Date Palm Flower

There are flowers everywhere you look. They wrap around fences, poke up between cracks in the sidewalk, and crawl up the side of the houses.

Yellow Fence Flowers

The first time I ever saw a banana tree was in Houston. No other state I’ve lived in is warm enough for them, but even Houston is too cold to allow them to produce fruit. When I came here and saw bunches of bananas hanging from the trees I got all nerdily excited. How could it be that a there is a food we are so familiar with, and yet I’d never in my life seen where it came from? This was the first time I’ve seen one with the flowers still attached.

Banana Flowers

Orchids like this are so hard to keep alive in the US, and normally just wilt and die when I so much as walk in the room. Here they just bust out of the trees right and left. I swear every third tree has at least one gorgeous orchid popping out of it.

Purple and White Orchid

I have such a black thumb with plants, so I’m duly impressed when I see such perfectly formed petals just growing in nature with no help from anybody. Way to go Mother Nature.

White Orchid

And the colors? Love it.

Red Azalia

Red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, and every shade in between.

Pink Flowers

These orangy-red spikey ones are another favorite. They’re just so festive.

Orange Flowers

These red ones are usually alive with humming birds. My young friend showed me that if you pick the flower and suck the nectar out of the bottom they are sweet as honey. Smart hummingbirds.

Red Flowers

An early morning walk let me catch them all full of dew before the sun came out in force.

Purple Flowers

Yes, there it is a beautiful place. I’m lucky to be here.

Blue Flowers

Can any of you help me out with the names of these plants and flowers? Nancy? I know you know them all!

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3 comments on “Flowers in the Mountains of Rio de Janeiro State

  1. Eri says:

    From top to bottom: number 6 looks like a azalĂ©ia, 7th “maria-sem-vergonha”, 9th hisbisco.
    My grandmother call number 10th “beijo” or “beijinho” not sure if it is the correct name.
    And the last one is a hortĂȘnsia

  2. Peg says:

    Thanks, Eri!

    “Maria-sem-vergonha” – What a great name for a flower. “Shameless Maria”.

  3. Nancy (Mom-n-law?) says:

    I’ll give it a try. “Natural” plants do change some when they’re hybridized…
    hard to tell from pictures and not seeing shape and size of plant and leaves also. And….each place has their own names for them just like the fish in each area of the ocean although they are all the same fish.

    2. honeysuckle or trumpet vine of some kind. (don’t suck the necter from one of these unless you know for sure. some of them are poisonous.)
    6. double or peony flowered Azalea
    7. impatien (aka: busy lizzy–wouldn’t you love to know where that common name came from)
    9. hibiscus (aka: rose of sharon, rose mallow, confederate rose, tropical rose)
    10. vinca (obviously not the ground cover but what we grow as an annual)
    11. hydrangea (this is pretty heavily hybridized and has very large flowers on the plants purchased from a nursery)

    I love seeing the pictures you post. It’s like I’m getting a tour even though I can’t be there!

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