Wide Open Roads and Root Beer Floats

Ran around like mad all morning, packed up the Jeep, picked the boy up from school and hit the road.

He is happy because there are road snacks. She is happy because ROAD TRIP!


The boy likes to visit family and have fun vacations. He is not such a fan of the “getting there” process. The girl is more like me. Getting there is half the fun.


To break up our six and a half hours on the road today we made a pit stop in Waco. Did you know Waco, TX is the home of Dr. Pepper? The kids have learned their father’s philosophy of “Dr. Pepper is food from heaven” and “The more Dr. Pepper the better”. I am not so pleased about this philosophy, but I’m nothing if not a sucker for museums. Let’s call it “culture” and leave it be.


So, we stretched our legs for an hour inside. It was a nice cool break in a long drive.


And there were some interesting bits. I actually enjoyed it, and it was the perfect size to kick around in for an hour.


Also, any time root beer floats are involved I am happy. I don’t think I’ve had one in six or seven years, so I really enjoyed this one.


Then it was back on the road. The boy flopped about the back seat like a fish.


As long as this drive is, I’m enjoying it so much. I love these pain in the ass teens I have. They are awesome road companions, and spending two weeks with them is just what the Dr. (Pepper) ordered for my Mom Heart.

Hope the road brings us good things again tomorrow!

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2 comments on “Wide Open Roads and Root Beer Floats

  1. Nancy B says:

    Sometimes I think you and I are more alike than blood relations. I LOVE, LOVE road trips….Rich?~~not so much. Fly in, fly out and enjoy only the destination. (I think we miss too much by flying over it all. I look down and think “ooooo, I wonder where that is. I need to see it up close and personal!!”) Could it be our birthday that makes the difference? Have fun. I envy you and with I could be there…..We’d need a bigger car!! hahahahaha

  2. […] butt tells me that is a long time. Longer even than our road trip to Colorado in July, which we did over two days. This trip was all in one overnight […]

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