Texas to Colorado

We had a long day ahead of us. More than ten hours of road was stretched out, with the reward of loved ones at the end of it. Happily, my girl really wanted to watch the sun rise from the road, so we were up at the crack of dark and packed up. The Boy? Not such a fan of early mornings, so I had to drag him out of bed with the promise of breakfast and more sleeping once we got going. We left before the hotel’s free breakfast was officially offered but either my sweet talking skills, or the pathetic grumbling of my son, convinced them to let us heat up some bagels and bake a waffle. I also grabbed a double dose of coffee.

Road Sunrise

And the sunrise? Beautiful. Worth crawling out of bed in the dark for.


Can’t you see how much he appreciates that beautiful view? He collapsed into a heap of pillows five seconds later and didn’t wake up for nearly four hours.


And while the scenery is stunning, it was also monotonous. He didn’t miss much by sleeping through it because it’s all the same.


You would never guess how much they complained at me for wanting to actually pull over and stop for photos at the state border sign. Of course I wanted pictures! I also wanted them to stretch their legs, and they obliged. Actually, they jumped around like that for about fifteen minutes whether I was taking pictures or not. Forced confinement is not their favorite thing and their bodies couldn’t help spazzing out once they were free of the seatbelts.


Other than two state crossing signs and multiple stops at way too many gas stations, we just drove. No sight seeing today. Nope. Today we just want to get there.

We would roll for hours, then suddenly the speed limit would drop and we’d roll through a tiny little town. Dozens of them, and they all looked exactly the same. A highway crossing, or a railroad depot, a VFW hall, a town hall and some old dusty shops. Once in a while you see an old movie theater. Nothing newer than 1965.

Small Town Lamar

The the speed limit signs told us to speed up and we were off again. Cruise control is a wonderful thing.

Our View

Finally, finally after ten long hours we met Donovan at the local General store (one of only two or three businesses in this little town) and he lead us home. We made it!

Colorado Home

Hugs all around. Five teenagers laughing and hugging and fighting over who is taller than who now. Five teenagers all talking madly about the plans they’ll make for the week, the restaurants they have to go to, the dirt bike trail they have to check out, the waterfalls they want to hike to, the things they want to show each other. Chaos, and smiles, and love. I’m glad we made it finally after all these years.

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