The Yin and Yang of Traveling

Sunset over Brazil

There is so much to write about from our road trip, so I’m editing photos and mentally writing blog posts but don’t have anything ready just yet. Instead, I’m enjoying my daughter’s last day in Brazil with me and dreading the buzz at the gate when the driver arrives to take us to the airport. She flies out tonight. Sigh.

It’s good to know I’ll be back there in the States with my kids in just a few short weeks. It’s nearly that time again for me to make my twice annual trip back there to spend time with them. The time when I am most happy and most sad. I love being with my kids, and spending time watching them do their thing in their own lives but I do it alone. I miss B so badly when I leave here, it always feels like I’ve left my right arm behind.

He’ll come up and join us for Christmas. Thankfully.

I know it’s the travelers dilemma, and a first world problem I’m lucky to have. Still, it’s hard to say goodbye and I’m always missing someone.

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