A Walk Around Town

We’re trying to hang on to every last moment here. Taking in sights we’ll miss, trying restaurants we never quite made it to, seeing friends as much as possible before we go.

We took a Saturday stroll around town just to look at everything.


There is always the beach. The ever present sound of the waves, the weekend crowds, the miles and miles of skin, the children playing in the sand and the water.


There are families, grandparents, babies, friends. There is beer. There is sun and cool water.


There is the river from which our town takes it’s name. Rio das Ostras, River of Oysters. Are there any actual oysters in there? I have no idea, and if there were I certainly wouldn’t eat them. I know which parts of town that river flows through to get to the sea.


We cross the foot bridge and wander through the urban neighborhoods. There are fish shops, little cafes, families spending time out in their yards.


As we make our way to the center of town, there are still reminders that we are only two blocks from the beach.


Barefoot and wearing a speedo downtown and have no pockets for your cell phone? No matter, just stick it down your trunks.

Can you tell we’re a very informal people here?

We had a bonus treat this time. Cowboys at the cafe bar? Sure, why not.


Ride on up and grab yourself a beer. We live the good life here, obviously.

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4 comments on “A Walk Around Town

  1. Very poetic, in a sweet way, Peg. Thanks for posting.

  2. eumoronorio says:

    Wow you’re moving? That’s going to be another big change. Where are you going next?

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