Making Time to See It All

Why is it that when we live in a place, we never take the time to see the cool things there? We never quite make it to the museums, or hike that trail, or ride our bikes around that neighborhood like we keep meaning to?

Now that time is short here in Brazil, we’re scrambling.

Katja and I finally made a point of going for that bike ride we’ve been talking about for two months, and finally made a point of seeing the bird park.

Check out our most excellent transportation for the day:


Tires filled? Check. Chains lubed? Check. Brakes working? Well…

Two out of three is good, right?


First we headed over to the Parque dos Passaros. Rio das Ostras is home to one of the nices bird sanctuaries and rehab centers in Latin America.


We had a guided tour by the Environmental Director, Victor.


It was really impressive, and so much nicer than we expected.


It was hot, and the middle of the day, so most of the birds were pretty inactive, but we still really enjoyed looking around and seeing the area.


Of course it helps when you get to stop and sample the fruit. Have you ever tried pitanga fresh off the bush? Quite good! Although a bit sour. I bet the juice would be really good in a lemonade.


After we dodged the mosquitoes along the park trails, we rode around town some more.

It was so nice to take our time, feel the breeze in our hair, see all the birds and lizards, stop for lunch when we felt like it, and park the bikes to sit on the beach of the lagoa to just talk and relax.


We live in a really fantastic place. I wish I had more time to explore it. This was the first time I’ve ridden a bike in years (why? I loved it!) and it opened up so much more of the city than I can explore on foot.

Note to self: Get yourself a damn bike as soon as you arrive in Scotland. Don’t wait.

It was a great day. Beautiful but hot weather, time spent with a new and fantastic friend, the freedom of going wherever we want. There is so much to see and do before we go, so much of a need to absorb it all and hang on to it. A day like this makes me feel like I’m doing it right.

Remember, I’ve only got about another week to write here. After that you’ll find me at A Kilt and a Camera. I hope you come follow along!

4 comments on “Making Time to See It All

  1. Alyssa Blais says:

    Hey Peg, I contacted you about 6 months ago when I thought my husband and I were moving to MacaƩ. Turns out we ended up in Scotland, and now your moving here also. It amazes me how small the world is.

    • Peg says:

      Very small world! Especially in this Houston, Macae, Aberdeen circle. Where are you in Scotland? We’ll be there around mid-June and would love to meet up!

  2. Alyssa Blais says:

    Yeah no kidding. We’re in Aberdeen, arrived here at the end of February and we are loving it! Where will you be? Send me an email and we’ll grab a pint or because we’re in Scotland, a dram. Hope everything goes well with your move.

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