Here We Stand, and Here We Go


Today is my last full day in Brazil.

Today the last of all of our furniture will be loaded on to various vehicles and shipped off to other people’s homes.

Tonight we’ll sleep at a friend’s house and stay up until the near-dawn hours talking and enjoying their company.

Tomorrow I will do a final tidy on my two big suitcases and one big carry-on.

Tomorrow I will take the long drive in to Rio and get on a plane.

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to Brian again for a while.

These last two weeks have been full of friends, full of parties, full of last minute activities and full of goodbye’s. I’m so glad to know we’ll have a chance to see so many of them again. We’ll try to come back for a wedding next year, and quite a few people we know will find themselves in Houston and Scotland with us later this summer. Saying a final goodbye to all of them at once would have been just too hard.

So we’ll move on. We’ll dry our eyes and head for the next adventure. We’ll continue to be so grateful for the chances we have to live where we have lived, and to go where we will go. We’ll keep in touch, we’ll keep the frienships we have, we’ll keep our heads up and carry on. It’s what we do.

I think I’ve got one more blog entry in me for this site. I’ll wrap it up when I get back to Houston, and then I’ll be moving on from here too. Please make sure you keep following along on our other site, A Kilt and A Camera. I love this blogging thing, and I’m ready to pick it up and carry it with me into the new unknown. Make sure to read over there so I can carry you all along with me too!

Now I guess I better get up and finish my packing. Tchau!

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7 comments on “Here We Stand, and Here We Go

  1. Vai com deus! Your journey is amazing and exciting…..good good good luck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad you will be in Houston for a while. I don’t think I’ll get there when you are, but it feels like you’re closer when in the states. I know, that’s crazy, but……………. Keep in touch and have fun with your mom. Love you!

    • Peg says:

      Thanks! (This comment came through as anonymous, but I’m guessing this is Nancy?) I arrived safely with no problems this morning and my beautiful and all grown up Girl picked me up. We had breakfast together and now I’m loving spending the day with her! I will most definitely keep in touch, and I love you too!

  3. eumoronorio says:

    Bon Voyage! It will be exciting to see how Scotland is=) Safe travels!

  4. Mom says:

    It is the end of another chapter in your life and the beginning of the next chapter. You have done such a great job of documenting the seperate chapters and keeping all your friends and family informed as to what is happening. I know I look forward to checking in and seeing what fantastic adventures you are experiencing and, like a favorite book, I can hardly wait to read the next chapter. I’m proud of you…

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